Monday, April 10, 2006

I'll be waiting here, with my arms unfurled...

Well, maybe not literally. Chances are my arms will have furled right back by then, and I'll be asleep, but I wanted to change the top-post so it wasn't so moody as the one below, as, thanks to Alex's comment on the last post (cheers, El Duderino), we've just realised we've been linked on the Blogger homepage.

Shit, I thought we had a bunch of really chatty readers all of a sudden.

Anyway, as this is kind of a functional blog, more than a chatty, you'll never guess what I saw today blog, or a you'll never guess what I found on the net today blog, or a pay attention and listen to me and my opinions you assholes sort of blog, that I should skim up a introduction / reminder for you new free-clicking people.

We're The Kleptones. We live here and we make new sounds out of other people's old sounds. Sorta. Kind of like The Wombles do with trash, but better and infinitely more listenable. There's tons of downloads and stuff. You'll probably hate it, but you will undoubtedly know someone who will be blown away when you send them the link, and will forever think of you as a zeitgeist surfer deluxe. Really.

Thanks for stopping by, anyway, Mum, and I'll ring you tomorrow, promise.

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