Monday, April 17, 2006

Hits from the blogs

While doing a little digging around the K-referencing sections of the web, I found a couple of sweet things worth mentioning.

First off is this simple but very effective video combining one of the tracks from "Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots" with some bizarre old newsreel footage from the Internet Archive. The end result had me chucking into my coffee this morning. Nice one, Shpilkis.

Second off was spotting that we'd been noted on Wiley Wiggins' blog "News Of The Dead". Wiley's voice pops up in a few places on "24 Hours", so we're chuffed as punch to see the mention. Hope you like what we've done to you, WW :)

Finally we have to extend thanks to our Wikipedia-writing fans, who have extended our entry to incorporate info about "24 Hours" - If anyone feels like adding to the list, go for it - it's always great to find out what we've been up to...

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